Online Business is growing in vast with the astonishing rate,this is only way in the modern day business to reach to the clients. To promote the business and to widen the client database you should have online web presence. retailers and vendors who ignore online business get less visitors at your their door step because of Hugh online sales and people love to get the products delivered at their door step and there is an option of money back if there is faulty or broken while transport. for successful online business you need to be very careful and think about the advantages and disadvantages of online business.

Take your time make a survey on market, products before deciding online business or offline business. Computer and their uses become the international language. Computer or laptops or mobiles is not only the language of people but also used for business now a days. Internet is the tool used by businessmen in term of electronic commerce or mobile commerce and its One of the fastest growing industries today is mobile commerce and electronic commerce .

Almost anything can be purchased, traded, or sold all via the internet and also can be delivered at your door step or anywhere across the globe. using Online marketing you can target your customers more effectively and its more affordable than traditional marketing.

Advantages Of Online Business

  1. Can have wide customer database.
  2. Can add unlimited products – can impulse while buying online and buy extra items.
  3. you can have a track on your competitors, instantly change the prices accordingly.
  4. Online business does not need expensive shop,sales representatives, Online business will be normally cheaper.

Disadvantages of online Business

  1. Need to maintain the website updated with inventory, without downtime etc.
  2. For having an E-commence website cost need to be paid to have a unique and adorable website.
  3. Need to hire staffs who are expertise , capable to manage the website as well as sales.
  4. No face to face interaction or No much call duration with the customers due to concentrate on other sales.
  5. Major and crucial issue is of online fraud on booking products and risk of loosing money now a days.

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