There are 1 lakh website launched each and every day and more than 50,000 Domain expired daily,

what are the Key Elements of a good Website?

1) Good Visual and eye catchy Design – Web Designing is the vital and very important key elements of your website, which requires more effort as it’s the face of your business. Logo- creates the brand, proper layout and good colour combination etc.

2) Website Content– the whole website life depends on good quality content, content with relevant keywords because that is what your users want.

3) Navigation of web pages – there should be an easy navigation through the pages, as navigation get your visitors to know in brief about the services provided by your company.

4) Call to Action – it is a magic formula that is used to attract and enables your website visitors to take an instant action on your website through quick inquiry or request quote page.

5) Credibility -the website Credibility is identified by good grammar in website content and employing social media proof, portfolio and testimonials increases the trustworthiness of the website.

6) Mobile site or Responsive website – As it’s a new era where users use their smart phone to browse and gain knowledge, it is very mandatory to create user friendly website with browser and handset compatible


High Definition images, flash and website animations: using HD images, flash and animation can slow down your website, use optimized images for faster loading as it increase your website traffic.

Complicated registration forms: never use multiple fields in registration form as customers will lose interest, always use short and simple as possible.

Poor Legibility and Readability: this is the very crucial and essential feature of web design. Always eye catchy website attracts users, the website should provide the solution that is required for the user.

Cluttered Content Layout: Good Quality content is the core of the website which drives the traffic to the website. If the website content is not properly structured it may lead for down fall on the website.

What Ecommerce Developers Bangalore Recommends.

We always strive to deliver the best website that can consolidate your online business. We believe that having a chat support can boost you online ecommerce business. The main benefit of having a live chat system in your online store:

  •  Increase sales and Revenue
  • Reduce cost and Customer convenience
  • Improve customer service and loyalty
  • Ambitious advantages and faster problem resolution
  • Discover customer pain points and Expand market reach
  • Reports and analytics and Proactive outpace


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