How to generate traffic on website

How to generate traffic on website: A website is a collection of world wide web (www) files that can be included by the onset   file called home page .A very large website may be spread  over a number of services by the different location it might be consist number of files  to spread  over many services like (www)

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Uses of website

  • Now a days people use social networking like face book, twitter, etc people will be get connected soon and they can easily share their information by social media
  • By using ecommerce website they can do online shopping easily with the convenient and efficient
  • Now a days website as been most useful for the people they can easily pay they bills online and they can apply for the passport and other services
  • By using content sharing website such as YouTube Instagram etc people can easily view huge amount of videos, images for free
  • People started ordering food in online like zomato, food panda and you can easily search restaurants in online
  • Website are most useful for the people there started booking tickets in online like holiday packages and for movies like book my show etc
  • People started working at home by website like real estate they can easily search for an house for buy /sell etc
  • People can easily recharge in online and there can easily shopify gifts for your friends by online

How to generate traffic on website?

How to generate traffic on website

People start generating traffic for their own website to think about there content on there    site how its working and how it generate traffic on there website you have to think what people are looking for that would be coming from your site and you can easily optimize from your site towards that then your website will be easily get generate traffic on your website .And you should make sure that your site page all so should be having a good title tags and meta tag by this way you can show your search engine spiders through your website  (How to generate traffic on website)

How to generate traffic on website

Various method to increase traffic

  • You can start adding your website URL to the Gmail signature each and every email should be send the point forward should be potentially means visitors to your site
  • Google Ad words should be in a good way to generate traffic to your website and you can start targeting long tail keywords to attract visitors
  • And start setting up face book pages it might be attract visitors to your site and start doing promotion like social media face book twitter etc then you  website might increase  traffic
  • Press release might be great way to increase traffic and you might get back link for those sites and it start increase traffic to your website
  • And start doing link or banner trades to the other sites by this way it will be increasing traffic to your website

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