Google has recently informed the viewers and online business that they use the biggest networking signals for the rankings algorithm.

1) Links
2) Relevance
3) RankBrain

Links : It works along with the search engines for Linking your authoritative pages to send and receive trust signals from the search engine. google counts all the links that are pointing at websites -except the links which are blocked using nofollow or other alternative methods,to learn more of the subject need to create huge trust factor for Google so that they can provide more weight to the links which are considered as the best quality.

there are two types of link building 1- by generating a outbound links by posting and creating back-links for your website, 2- Interlinking pages for strengthening the pages and keywords added to your web pages. main core is that only respectable site always score higher ranking and get quality scaled from commenting on a websites , website posts and blog.

Relevance:  is simpler to understand, if a end-user or an layman searches any products, services etc for his requirements, google has to revert back with the relevant result that the end user is searching for. We therefore need to ensure that Google will understand what your website is all about, nature of business,otherwise you won’t get ranked in google search the reason is because Google isn’t a human being,it can’t understand that, say, vehicles and automobiles are an equivalent thing,therefore it’s very necessary to maintain that each of the website content written with the language which your searchers are using.

its non other called as keyword research the language which your customers use. Actually need to spend more time on Word-tracker because its very vital for your effective SEO and Google always delivers the best results based on the geographic location of the end users or searchers, which is considered as the IP address of the user.Mainly the domains name should be associated with the Google local domains too as the IP address is not the only factor influencing the search factor of the users. Need to optimize your website and web pages to be relevant for your targeted audience.

RankBrain: is a algorithm created using the machine learning artificial intelligence system which helps google process in its search results and it was confirmed in the year 26 October 2015. the main core functionality of the RankBrain (computer program) that is used to identify and sort out the millions and billions of web pages uploaded on servers across the world ans its finds the most relevant answers for all your queries.

there are more than 200 different ranking factors that are involved in creation of ranking algorithm and the depth and exact functions of the Google algorithms not yet completely disclosed. once the google versification team verify your RankBrain’s results updates their system and moves live again if it is offline.

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