If you are contemplative about starting your online business in the year 2017, it is the perfect year to go after your entrepreneurial ideas. Think twice and plan accordingly before starting your own online business. Due to the Demonetization on Indian currency people has started opting the online fund transfer and planning to enhance their business from physical store to an online eCommerce store. The era of new technology will help companies like small and large to integrate new tech to their business operations. Initially you can start business-to-Customers (B2C) services if you are manufacture and later on your move head and start with business-to-business (B2B) services for targeting more audiences and capture online market. Nowadays internet also offers abundance with opportunities to kick-off your own business with less cost.

Major search engines like Google and Bing plays a vital role for significant results in display  of website based on bounce rate, influence on social media, etc., and to check the quality of website content. Google search engines are becoming more nimble and scintillating by using artificial intelligence techniques such as image recognition, improvement on the filtering process and natural language processing. Before displaying the webpages and website content over the web google always verifies the content uploaded on the website are user-friendly or not; so as a business owner you need to decide how to create the web content more significant to your users. Fallowing the below mentioned tips you can improve the applicability of your website’s content, these tips will also teach you to popularize your brand in an exceptional way. Keep reading.


While creating the content for the website need to consider that it should allow the user to explore the services provided by the company and there should be interlinking for visitor to visit those pages too, Inter linking and cross linking will allow users to navigate through the pages easily. Main core benefit of these features is to allow search engines to crawl your website in an efficient way and to improve your website searchablity.


Need to be active on all social Medias as there are more than 2.2 million users across the globe, using online media you can gain popularity to achieve good results. Fallowing different marketing techniques can widely increase your brand name and promote your products or services. Social media websites will help you to increase the traffic of your website, your website and web pages should have quality content precisely. Google has changed his algorithm multiple times to provide effient engagement rate deciding a website’s ranking.

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The first and largest search engine in the globe is google and youtube holds seconds place in search engine searches with more than 3.5 Million searches per month.  To target more audiences it’s very important to create videos relevant to your business and products. Even can share banner images and Infographics as they get more likes and shares. You can also share your company profile through SlideShare as its one of the greatest platform for your

Products and services. You need to use Pinterest & Instagram for your fashion, travel, jewelry, and food or lifestyle industry. Opting multimedia in your content will encourage your commitment rate significantly, hence it will raise the traffic to your website and ranking for your website.


Writing blogs based on the top related to products or services is the greater way to promote your brand name, it usually takes a long time to compete with your competitor’s blogs and in search engines to list the blogs. Posting blog is the only smart way to increase visitor on your website as it decreases the bounce rate. Blogs posting on web 2.0 website or on your own page will helpful in increasing domain authority, link-building for your website, attracting high-quality leads and gaining more social media followers. Guest blogging will also help you in increase of back linking for your website and web pages linking, Google also target websites with high back linking and helps to improve the search engine ranking of your website. SEO Experts target link building for branding of the website.

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Initially it will be little scanty of resources for your business but cooperating with other vendors and investing as a conjoint with other business will help you to crack the deal as a start-up. Cooperating with other vendors will help you to reach great heights with wider audiences using additional distribution channels. Campaigns on Co-Market always plans a vital role in improvement of search ranking of a websites. New content and social media likes and posts will generate chaos among the website visitors. If interested in the articles or posts visitors routinely share your posts and share their views and ideas to improve your website search engine ranking

One thought on “Online Business in 2017 and Great business ideas for 2017

  1. Hi
    I am looking to launch/start an global and national level ecommerce online marketplace for health products using Your wordpress WooCommerce Multi vendor platform (or any better platform-magento2)for marketing products (comparison of platforms?)
    and inviting buyer to Buy products and sellers to sell their products online with easy applications which is logistics integrated and friendly easy to use
    Marketing and seo friendly main page is Better
    Also overseas sellers can sell into india and other countries as well,with logistics integrated
    Also Indian sellers can sell in india or to overseas
    This is b2c B2b
    Please enlighten further on seo also
    Comments log on products page is read
    Mobile App Store is good to have
    Integrated blog and Facebook store and out of stock etc marketing social media email marketing newsletter sign up features
    Every vendor will have own profile page and backend page

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