The online Ecommerce Business is revolutionized and has surged by gaining 83% of revenue through online shopping in 2016, PayPal and global market researching companies has released a report that Indian Online Shopping buyers has spent more than 58,370 Crores Rupees on online buying of products and service last year 2016, Shopping on popular brands accounted as 53% and 29% through the mobile application. Rest other 10% of consumers has purchased the products through Social Media Websites. The marketing experts say that it will grow vast in 2017. It is expected that with in 2018 the online buying will grow up-to 875,600 crore rupees on domestic and International shopping. With in this year 2017 it will enhance by 31% and evaluation says that there are 28,000 consumers across 32 nations, including India.enjoyment in shopping through online emerged in the growth of nation up-to 72% and there will be a good growth in Indian e-commerce sector in 2018.

For smooth understanding between buyers and sellers they most of the online ecommerce websites has enabled the refund and cancellation option, Even google is trying to provide a shoulder for new emerging business like small and medium companies in India to trade online.small business are significantly growing faster nowadays. Actually small and medium business are enriched their business through online and reached their audiences beyond city boundaries. Honourable prime Minister of India Sir Narendra Modi ji aims to provide greater visibility to small businesses in India, capitalize on digitization will be provided by Google My Business.


Google has provided the best tool that can allow business owners to modify their visibility, edit contact information’s, add their product and service images and show case their operating hours. This will help the entrepreneurs to appear their business to all their potential consumers when searched on search engines, Google map with direction and Google+. National Institute for Entrepreneurship and Small Business Development – NIESBUD have started major activities on Entrepreneurship-cum-Skill Development Program’s, Entrepreneurship Development Program’s, Management Development Program’s and Training to all small and medium scale business.

For online eCommerce companies loans are being distributed under the government scheme with lower interest rates, government provides adequate loans based on requirements.small and enroll themselves for loans to take your business to the next level. In Both government state and central government in India has enclosed various policies and schemes to fulfil the financial requirement all small and medium businesses across our country.

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