Planning for an online store?

In this modern world, people love to buy products through online as it very convenient and the products are delivered to their doorsteps, all the products which are available on the physical store they are available on the online store with discounted prices. Majority of stores are very simple, faster loading so that online buyers can purchase the products with one step check out an online store provide more products on affordable packages.

There are many types of online store Example: – Business to Business (B2B), Business to Customers (B2C), and Customers to Customers (Consumers to Consumers –C2C), Customers to Business (C2B), in that consumer targeting sites with manufacturer targeting consumers and vendors targeting Distributors.

Magento Framework.

Magento Is an open source platform where vendors or Manufactures can list and sell their products online with the help of flexible shopping cart system, Magento E-commerce platform is codes using the scripting language called PHP and connected with the Mysql Database. Based on the latest survey conducted by magento team, team published a stunning record breaking news that over 155 Billion Dollars of merchandise volume transacted using the magento platform yearly. Magento is one amongst the best and most popular e-commerce platform in the world.

Magento always have a upper hand over other frameworks called Opencart, Pretashop, Joomla Virtumart, Woo-commerce, BigCommerce, Zencart and others, the best ecommerce stores which provides us the convenience and ease of use as it has more features and functionalities which can be easily incorporated with the online store.

Now moving on to “what is Magento?”

As discussed earlier, we know that Magento is one of the best eCommerce Platform and it’s an open source technology which allows the people to get the software for free. This Magento is being made use of many biggest brands such as Samsung, Olympus, Lenovo, Men’s health, Fort and etc. Even many small and mid-sized eCommerce companies around the world make use of Magento.


Benefits of Magento:-

Magento is easy for any individual to set up an e-commerce store, as it provides all the solutions needed and it customizes the store to its full capability.

  • It is mobile friendly.
  • It is open source (free).
  • User- Friendly Inventory System to maintain SKU (products)
  • High performance (Page loading speed, query processing time and such performance parameters).
  • Provides multi-currency and multi-language.
  • Advanced Search for easy product search
  • Adaptable content management to add edit or delete pages or contents
  • It is powerful and spacious.
  • Easy third party integration’s like (payment gateways, Logistic gateways, and SMS gateways)
  • It has a very huge community support.
  • It is developers friendly.
  • Saves money and time.
  • It is very secure and invulnerable.


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