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Whenever a website is designed and developed as a web developer or as SEO Expert It is very important and very crucial to submit your website to all search engines including search google search engines. Without submitting the URL your web pages or website will not display in Google or other search engines. Google Search Engines takes some time for crawling and indexing of the web pages and it cannot be guaranteed or predicted when exactly it the URL will be indexed.

Search Engine Indexing

Most of the entrepreneur are not familiar about the Google Crawling and indexing when the search engines begin to add the web pages in search engines, it is purely based on the Meta tags and index page (with or without index and no index Meta tags). In simple terms, it has the shape of a spider that has the data pages during the follow-up to collect and process that help improve search results. Spider-record new changes and new documents and add’s to the google index and maintains them. Google algorithm works and what page rank of all others is based on keywords.

Submit URL to Google

Once after developing the website or web pages, you should search submit URL to google and enter the domain name with www or HTTP:// in URL Box, enter the generated Captcha code and hit the submit button. You should also create an account in google webmaster using your google Gmail account. Once after submission of URL, you need to wait until the pages are indexed on the google searches. Google also adds new sites to index and it also updates existing websites too, and every time when web pages crawl the web, it automatically updates the URLs. Google will not able to predict or guarantee when the submitted URLs will appear.

Create Your Google Sitemap

You need to generate the sitemap to list all pages of a web site accessible to crawlers or users. Sitemap is created in various format’s example – XML, ROR, Text, HTML. XML format is widely used for Google webmaster and for Google Analytics, Sitemap also includes pages of blog, tags etc. all the Search engine web crawlers like Googlebot and others read’s the file for more intelligently crawling of your website.

Google Search Console

Google Webmasters are also widely known as Google Search Console, It helps all webmasters and entrepreneurs to maintain and monitor their website performance, the google Webmaster is a necessary and powerful resource that will help you know in depth about Traffic & Crawl sections, broken links etc. Google Search Console delivers all the crucial information that will help you enhance your business.

Generate Robots.txt

Webmasters are requested to create a Robots.txt file, Robots exclusion standard is also known as robots exclusion protocol or simply robots.txt. Which helps the website to communicate with the web crawlers and other web robots. The web Robots are the small program that can traverse the web automatically so that search engines can index the web content, safeguards from the spammers to restrict files and emails addresses. Robots.txt files are uploaded in Cpanel or uploaded using FTP in Public_html.

Submit your website in Local Business Directories and blog directories:

It is very important to list your websites in all Local Business Directories as it attracts new customers, Adding to the listing to these Local Directories can help you gain huge opportunity. There are thousands of websites listed on the local business directories sites and it’s free of cost too. Local SEO is a highly effective form of local online marketing. It allows local businesses to promote their services to local customers at exactly the time they’re looking for your type of business. Local SEO uses search engines like Google and business directories like Yelp, asklaila, justdial & quicker.

Conclusion: For an essential tip for your site, we help business to index your website in all major search engines and all major directories. Once the pages are indexed in google search engines, you will be able to monitor and maintain the website with hassle

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