There are many types of content management systems which is a web-based application used in the process of creation and maintenance, Helping to keep the business in track, distribute document and files of the websites, it is also called the Brain of your business. Newer content management system has improved the business operations CMS websites are divided two major categories public or online content and secondary is handling offline content or private content. People majorly use Web content management system for their websites for general public viewing. Secondary CMS is Enterprise content management system which are used for internal purpose of maintaining documents, maintaining transaction details and the data’s exchanged within or within partnering companies.

Nowadays more than 75% of users use Content management websites for their needs, they are easy to install , easy to update,easy to manage and its works on all browsers and handset devices. CMS developed websites are opted and used for medium to large  organisation, CMS websites are created and developed in such a way that they can work both on the intranet and internet website. Other additional benefit of CMS websites is that it can be easily characterized for single or more pages, can create complex pages with other specifications in the website layout and presentation,Dynamic information can be retrieved from the website database, Training material or Training provided by web development company and can create extensive linking between pages.

The real benefit of developing the content management websites are because they provide seamless and powerful environment with wide range of features, not authorized to publish multi format of content and presentation , authorize many simultaneous users accessing the web portal.helps in capturing the metadata of the website along with the subject and keywords, able to create cross links between the pages. one of the core feature of the CMS is to have Adequate security levels to protect the integrity of the website and the website content.

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